Good day

Yay! It’s fall!

Good things:  Yesterday I got a 35 min. audio file from my Korean university that they wanted me to transcribe by Sat a.m. their time/Friday p.m. my time. Having had some experience in transcription before, I really didn’t think I could do it. Fortunately the speaker (Paul Kennedy from Yale, if you know him) spoke nice and slow, so I got it done. Whew!

Also, the contractor is here as I type finishing up our front porch. yay! He’s done an awesome job so far.  I can’t wait to see it totally finished. Once he gets it done, we’ll need a new storm door. Also, I’m going to paint the front door black; dramatic, no?  I’ve got to figure out some plants for the little area to the L of the porch…any suggestions?

Scrawny stray cat looks like he’ll make it. Much less skinny now. And his black cat friend is kind of good looking; he’s got really unusual-looking light green eyes so I’ll let him eat the food, too.

Eat the ham, Tina!


Michele’s evening out: a monotous monologue

I ‘ran’ to Michael’s tonight (more on that later) and when I got to the checkout they asked for my zip code when they rang up the total. And I could not remember. I had to ask the cashier what my zip code was!  All I could think of was my mom’s and I knew that wasn’t right.  This is what comes from living in too many places.  I would have been embarrassed except that that is the kind of thing that always happens to me. And also I have been having trouble recently in signing my last name on receipts. So probably the lady thought I was some kind of criminal.

Getting to Michael’s was a whole nother story. Now, I do not leave my house very frequently these days. On Mondays and Wednesdays I go to school. On Saturdays I go to the grocery store. Other than that, I’m pretty much stuck on my couch in front of my computer doing what I can only dubiously call ‘work’. So when I do emerge from my cave, is it so much to ask that things would go smoothly, that I could actually enjoy my time out in the world? Really, is it so much to ask? I ask you.  But tonight, not only did I have to take a detour to get to Michael’s, when I got to the end of the detour there was an accident so that I had to go all the way back to my house and go on the highway to get there. It took me 45 minutes. I only meant to be gone for 30 minutes total. But no.  Why are people so inconsiderate as to have accidents that inconvenience ME?  I am personally convinced that (almost) everyone else in the world exists merely to try my patience.  Except those of you I know.  You can have your own personal existence independent of my reality. I allow you.

A lot can change

A lot can change in 7 years. Can you believe it’s only been 7 years since the school shootings started in Columbine?  Just look how far we’ve come in 7 mere years. Stuff like this happens all the time now and it’s hardly even on our radar.  Just another day in high school as far as voters are concerned, it seems.  If people actually gave a damn, organizations like this and this would be getting much farther along.  Does it strike no one else as odd that the most so-called powerful country in the world also has the most violent crime of any industrialized nation?  Does it strike no one else as odd that the only other countries that allow the use of personal firearms are places like Sudan or Iraq?  Does it not seem odd that one can buy assault weapons but cannot get adequate medical coverage unless you can somehow afford it?  But hey, that’s America, right?  In what other place do you have the right to bear arms, arm assholes bears, get killed by snipers on bridges, and shop at Walmart all in the same day?

What, me, bitter?

Perils of being an interfering, do-gooder busybody

So now there are not one but 2 stray cats that we seem to be feeding.  The black cat stray made its appearance this morning and I couldn’t chase it away because it just kept hiding under the neighbor’s fence.  Fortunately, scrawny stray came around after black cat left.  Scrawny cat looks ever-so-slightly less scrawny that it did on Saturday.  Probably it will get hit by a car once it gets more energy back and can run out into traffic.  But not to worry as now all the neighborhood cats will be coming to feed in our back yard. Hopefully, they’ll start mating soon, as well. That will be a lovely sound.
So all you out there contemplating doing some kind of good or charitable work, be warned.  Your kindess will just be abused. It’s a slippery, slippery slope. Don’t even start. Leave it at the contemplation stage.

I’ve got cat class
and I’ve got cat style

My father’s daughter

My dad and I are two very different people with very different interests. However, we do share a few similarities. Such as a fondness for food and, apparently now, a bleeding heart for stray animals.
When I got back from Columbus yesterday, I noticed a cat in my yard that I hadn’t before. Most of the cats that wander through are obviously pets but this poor guy looked at about death’s door. He looked like a cat with rickets.  And he sat in my yard eating grass as intently as if it were a banquet (I know cats eat grass, but that looked like about all he had eaten in quite awhile). So I fed him. Yes, I know. Now I will have to feed him till kingdom come, but what could I do?  Do you think it was silly of me, ridiculous, impractical, SOFT?  yes, probably all of that.  Ah, well. Mark me down as a soft touch when it comes to animals. (Seriously, when we got Ollie from the shelter, I actually cried because we could only take one. Alas for my weirdness.)  Maybe we’ll (or, rather, I’ll) be able to get it fattened up, a little tamed, can get it spade.
And how is this like my dad? Well, I’ll tell you. My dad’s household consists of him, my stepmother, two dogs, three-four indoor cats, and numerous outdoor cats (4 or 5?)…I resolve to not actually go that far (my roommate wouldn’t let me!).

In other news, I went to the new super-enormo-walmart yesterday. How depressing. Big, big store, big, big shopping carts, big, big people. I thought perhaps they would put in some kind of cool food area, say a coffee shop (which we sadly lack in our area of town, being not hip and trendy, but rather the home to people who still wear t-shirts with the sleeves cut off).  But, no, they put in a McDonald’s. Sigh.  And people were eating there. I actually overheard someone who cried aloud with joy at the sight of it and excitedly expressed her hopes of getting one o’ them cherry pies.  And no less than 3 times did I have to stop and wait for several people to pass me in the aisles due to some obstacle or another preventing several jumbo carts from passing each other, and NOT ONCE did anyone say ‘excuse me’ or ‘thanks’ or any of the other customary forms of expressions that we use to express politeness in everyday life in the U.S.

As I browsed there at super-cheapo-walmart amid the Stovetop stuffing aisle, picking up something to take to my cousin Amy, i suddenly had an insane longing to be in Korea. Good thing I’m going in less than 2 weeks!

Thank you!

     Big thank you to Nikki for hosting Zach’s surprise party!  We had a great time meeting Zach and Nikki’s friends (they are all childed, whilst we are childless, which was a whole different world….being around that many people of my own age who have reproduced mutlipe times. I fear we are behind-hand!).  For those of you who don’t know Zach and Nikki (and, considering that all of 3 people read this blog, that is not many of you), they are these really cool people, with an uber sense of style and 2 insanely adorable and precocious girls.  And lots of really nice friends whom we met last night!
     The main events included but were not limited to Zach’s immediatly-famous turkey burgers, lots of little girls dressing up like fairies, princesses and other less distinguishable ‘dress up’ guises, amazing snacks that must have taken Nikki ages to make, and Rob calling Zach and then being passed from person to person to talk to almost everyone else at the party, except for Troy who now refuses to communicate with him except via this blog.
     Zach and Troy are way old college buddies (yes, the Zach and Troy of Through a Glass Darkly fame, that Zach and Troy) and Nikki and I went to Taylor together for a few years. One of the benefits of being in Cincinnati this past year (they are not many, but there are some) has been our close proximity to the Pappas household and the opportunity to hang out and (for me) get to know them better.  It’s been really, really great to get to know Nikki on a deeper level this year…thanks, Nikki! And thanks again for a great party for a great guy!
     And finally, Ollie managed to find the litter box the whole time we were away, so that is definitely a good thing.

birthdays galore!

What in the world? it seems like all kinds of nice people (Zach, Rob, Stephanie, Amber–whose birthday I forgot because I am an idiot–sorry, Amber) were born in September!  Must be those cold Januarys…Which brings us to today’s birthday boy:
Navy trumpet player extraordinaire, wicked half-black belt HwaRangDo martial artist, and all-around best brother in the world, it’s Brandon! Happy birthday, B! 

Hope your day is a good one!

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