Sunday evening blues

Jason, Winona and Samuel left today around noon. We had a great time together and Samuel is a great baby. I want that model of baby; no crying, only a little fussing, mostly happy.  That sounds like the right style. Ollie wasn’t so sure, tho. Samuel had a great time crawling around after Ollie playing a really slow-moving version of tag.  He’d get almost within reach and Ollie would bolt and Samuel would take off after him again and Ollie would bolt.  I think Samuel had more fun with it that Ollie did…

Then it was back to work for me, finishing proofing files and doing lesson plans. I haven’t planned yet for my evening class; i decided I couldn’t take it any more and quit early. i don’t work for ETS tomorrow afternoon like I usually do so I’ll plan then after our staff meeting.  So, I went to Michael’s instead and bought stain glass paint to create a pseudo-FLW design on my side porch door.

My brother’s birthday is coming up on Friday. If you want to pitch in for his birthday gift, go ahead and just make the check out to me.  It’ll be fine.

My evening proofing awaits…have a good start to your week!


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