Thank you!

     Big thank you to Nikki for hosting Zach’s surprise party!  We had a great time meeting Zach and Nikki’s friends (they are all childed, whilst we are childless, which was a whole different world….being around that many people of my own age who have reproduced mutlipe times. I fear we are behind-hand!).  For those of you who don’t know Zach and Nikki (and, considering that all of 3 people read this blog, that is not many of you), they are these really cool people, with an uber sense of style and 2 insanely adorable and precocious girls.  And lots of really nice friends whom we met last night!
     The main events included but were not limited to Zach’s immediatly-famous turkey burgers, lots of little girls dressing up like fairies, princesses and other less distinguishable ‘dress up’ guises, amazing snacks that must have taken Nikki ages to make, and Rob calling Zach and then being passed from person to person to talk to almost everyone else at the party, except for Troy who now refuses to communicate with him except via this blog.
     Zach and Troy are way old college buddies (yes, the Zach and Troy of Through a Glass Darkly fame, that Zach and Troy) and Nikki and I went to Taylor together for a few years. One of the benefits of being in Cincinnati this past year (they are not many, but there are some) has been our close proximity to the Pappas household and the opportunity to hang out and (for me) get to know them better.  It’s been really, really great to get to know Nikki on a deeper level this year…thanks, Nikki! And thanks again for a great party for a great guy!
     And finally, Ollie managed to find the litter box the whole time we were away, so that is definitely a good thing.


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  1. nikkip
    Sep 24, 2006 @ 19:34:49

    i, too, have loved getting to know you better this year. it was so fantastic to have you guys over on friday night. thanks for making the trip!


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