My father’s daughter

My dad and I are two very different people with very different interests. However, we do share a few similarities. Such as a fondness for food and, apparently now, a bleeding heart for stray animals.
When I got back from Columbus yesterday, I noticed a cat in my yard that I hadn’t before. Most of the cats that wander through are obviously pets but this poor guy looked at about death’s door. He looked like a cat with rickets.  And he sat in my yard eating grass as intently as if it were a banquet (I know cats eat grass, but that looked like about all he had eaten in quite awhile). So I fed him. Yes, I know. Now I will have to feed him till kingdom come, but what could I do?  Do you think it was silly of me, ridiculous, impractical, SOFT?  yes, probably all of that.  Ah, well. Mark me down as a soft touch when it comes to animals. (Seriously, when we got Ollie from the shelter, I actually cried because we could only take one. Alas for my weirdness.)  Maybe we’ll (or, rather, I’ll) be able to get it fattened up, a little tamed, can get it spade.
And how is this like my dad? Well, I’ll tell you. My dad’s household consists of him, my stepmother, two dogs, three-four indoor cats, and numerous outdoor cats (4 or 5?)…I resolve to not actually go that far (my roommate wouldn’t let me!).

In other news, I went to the new super-enormo-walmart yesterday. How depressing. Big, big store, big, big shopping carts, big, big people. I thought perhaps they would put in some kind of cool food area, say a coffee shop (which we sadly lack in our area of town, being not hip and trendy, but rather the home to people who still wear t-shirts with the sleeves cut off).  But, no, they put in a McDonald’s. Sigh.  And people were eating there. I actually overheard someone who cried aloud with joy at the sight of it and excitedly expressed her hopes of getting one o’ them cherry pies.  And no less than 3 times did I have to stop and wait for several people to pass me in the aisles due to some obstacle or another preventing several jumbo carts from passing each other, and NOT ONCE did anyone say ‘excuse me’ or ‘thanks’ or any of the other customary forms of expressions that we use to express politeness in everyday life in the U.S.

As I browsed there at super-cheapo-walmart amid the Stovetop stuffing aisle, picking up something to take to my cousin Amy, i suddenly had an insane longing to be in Korea. Good thing I’m going in less than 2 weeks!


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