Perils of being an interfering, do-gooder busybody

So now there are not one but 2 stray cats that we seem to be feeding.  The black cat stray made its appearance this morning and I couldn’t chase it away because it just kept hiding under the neighbor’s fence.  Fortunately, scrawny stray came around after black cat left.  Scrawny cat looks ever-so-slightly less scrawny that it did on Saturday.  Probably it will get hit by a car once it gets more energy back and can run out into traffic.  But not to worry as now all the neighborhood cats will be coming to feed in our back yard. Hopefully, they’ll start mating soon, as well. That will be a lovely sound.
So all you out there contemplating doing some kind of good or charitable work, be warned.  Your kindess will just be abused. It’s a slippery, slippery slope. Don’t even start. Leave it at the contemplation stage.

I’ve got cat class
and I’ve got cat style


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