Good day

Yay! It’s fall!

Good things:  Yesterday I got a 35 min. audio file from my Korean university that they wanted me to transcribe by Sat a.m. their time/Friday p.m. my time. Having had some experience in transcription before, I really didn’t think I could do it. Fortunately the speaker (Paul Kennedy from Yale, if you know him) spoke nice and slow, so I got it done. Whew!

Also, the contractor is here as I type finishing up our front porch. yay! He’s done an awesome job so far.  I can’t wait to see it totally finished. Once he gets it done, we’ll need a new storm door. Also, I’m going to paint the front door black; dramatic, no?  I’ve got to figure out some plants for the little area to the L of the porch…any suggestions?

Scrawny stray cat looks like he’ll make it. Much less skinny now. And his black cat friend is kind of good looking; he’s got really unusual-looking light green eyes so I’ll let him eat the food, too.

Eat the ham, Tina!


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