it’s the final countdaaaown

I rushed through my lesson planning/exam writing this morning so as to have time to put in some of the bulbs that came last week.  I got “Green Mystery” tulips from Michigan Bulb company.

Tulips, Green MysteryShould be nice. I also picked up some plants on special at Home Depot, just various this and that. It was nice to get more plants!  I am already looking forward to next spring and re-doing my veggie garden, which was a bit unruly this year.

In other news, I leave for Korea on Thursday. I don’t feel ready, tho. My suitcase is almost all the way filled up with stuff that I’m taking to my cousin Amy!  I was hoping to just take one bag but I think I’ll have to take a small duffel for my clothes.  That’s OK, tho. Think of all the room I’ll have to bring stuff back 😉  I know I’ll have a good time once I get there but right now I’m not all that excited, at least, the excitement comes and goes. Mostly when I’m in the grocery store, i get really excited about going…why is that?  Maybe b/c of all the shopping I’m going to do!  Right now I just keep thinking about all the stuff I could get accomplished if I weren’t going…but it’s too late now!  I’m the worst person in the world for not being able to make up my mind. Can I tell you how traumatic it was for me to actually book the ticket? Oh, well.


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