The disappointing case of disappointment

I have to admit that i have a bit of a thing for coffee, coffee-based drinks and hot beverages in general. A thing, you might say. So this afternoon when I had a break between TOEFLing and my evening class (which doesn’t happen very often because usually I end up proofreading during that hour and a half), I decided I would scout out the nearest Panera, which I heard existed fairly close, go grab a chai latte and wax poetic on the computer machine.  Much to my chagrin, my adventure turned into one of those drives through unfamiliar commercial wastelands that we all know and hate. After making many a (most likely illegal) u-turn, I decided to just give up and wound up at Schlotsky’s Deli eating a so-called albacore tuna sandwich, which had about a teaspoon of tuna on it. seriously, my cat could make a better tuna sandwich. and he does. don’t doubt me. rob. i mean you.  an alledged tuna fish sandwich is a bit of a let-down after hopes of fun flavored and sugar-filled hot beverages. alas, alack, and lack a day.

in other news, my tuna-fish-sandwich-making-cat is on a diet. he is not happy about it and lets us know with pathetic mews at every opportunity. poor thing. he’s just pleasantly plump, that’s all.


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  1. nikkip
    Oct 03, 2006 @ 13:10:17

    it doesn’t seem like you’ve had great success with driving in cincy. maybe that’s a sign that you should be living in columbus, instead. what do you think? 🙂


  2. micheledwest
    Oct 03, 2006 @ 13:39:40

    Ha! You just may be right 😉


  3. robberfly
    Oct 03, 2006 @ 15:43:47

    i think nikki’s right.


  4. norba920
    Oct 03, 2006 @ 20:08:48

    cat diet? that’s possibly the silliest thing i’ve heard all day. what cat needs to go on a diet?
    and yes, i believe you about ollie making a mean tuna sa’mich. but if you say he can drive, then i’ll think you’re a dirty liar.


  5. micheledwest
    Oct 03, 2006 @ 22:06:14

    Nikki and MIchael: you guys! Keep trying to woo us ^^
    Rob: The newly-svelte Ollie’s coming out there to work with your kids for a few days pro bono. and gratis.


  6. norba920
    Oct 04, 2006 @ 01:12:52

    cool. is it for free too?

    rob (general counsel for the departmental department of redundancy department)


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