On the evening of the first day, I rested

Got up with my cousin’s kids at 7:30 as I’m sleeping on the floor in their room. Starting to get tired now…maybe go to bed soon?
I got my suitcase just fine. They called my cell phone to tell me when they’d get there. The conversation was all in Korean. I managed at least to not confuse him w/ my Korean so much as to have in wind up in Icheon instead of Incheon. I find i have been much more confident in my language usage even tho my ability has decreased over the past year and a half. I need to study!!!!
My eating today included soon dubu chigae for lunch at Kimbap Cheonguk and for dinner we went to the restaurant formerly known as NonGolJip for galbi. Yum! after that I headed to Emart while Amy and Christian took their kids to bed; I had to see if there was anything I couldn’t live without and sure enough, there was! Also, I’m faced w/ a dilemma. There is a pretty good tshirt there w/ sparkly letters that say ‘stylish girl’ on it multiple times. Should I get it or should I save my 10 bucks and get something fun and traditional in Insadong? Viewers at home, you decide!
I feel like I hardly left Korea. i feel like I was just here last month. time is so much different here; I’m not surprised. Same old damp sewers smells, same old flashing neon. Brilliant!
Tomorrow I’m going into Seoul/Insadong w/ my cousins and hteir kids. Should be a good opportunity to find things that I can’t live without!!


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