Day two

I spent the day in InsaDong with amy, christian and the kids. The kids get all kinds of attention from koreans; people always exclaimed how cute they are, might pat their face or say hi or even want to take their picture. of course, the kids ARE too cute.
Me, on the other hand, all i get is a weird guy on a bicycle telling me how terrible my country is for killing people in iraq. I should have said i was from Canada and from now on i will. Thanks, W, for your great international diplomacy and for giving Americans all around the world crap to deal with because of your lack of postive foriegn policy!
Insadong was a great as ever. All the same people worked at my favorite shops that i went back to. not that they remembered me but still. i felt more connected. I had wanted to post pictures as i went but i don’t want to hog all the time on my cousins’ computer so i’ll wait till i get back and make a link to my pics.
The bus on the way home almost flattened a toddler who bolted out into the road. The driver had to stop pretty quick but managed to do so in time. Amy was pretty shaken but i assured her that that kind of situation wouldn’t happen to them since, unlike Koreans, Amy and Christian actually watch their kids.
Being here without Troy seems really weird and not quite complete. i guess its the difference between visiting and living. no matter how long my visit might be, i still wouldn’t be living here. I miss my old life here, I guess, so this trip is kind of bittersweet for me. Knowing that this is just a static trip, not something that will continue and grow.


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  1. nikkip
    Oct 09, 2006 @ 01:48:32

    hi, michele!
    just arrived home from visiting your lovely home. glad things are going well for you. i looked through a lot of your photos…that was lot’s of fun. i look forward to seeing your photos from this trip. we missed not seeing you. i can’t believe troy is going to be alone for another entire week! keep enjoying yourself–hold on to the sweet and forget about the bitter.


  2. nat hile
    Oct 17, 2006 @ 02:41:39

    yes, i had my wine tonight….i am a new wine freak, thanks to wine spectator and in-born good taste, something that my close relatives would refer to as being an alcoholic! if you have dessert most nights, are you a diabetic? they should all fall into that category then.
    um, beside the point…come on down to new orleans anytime until march of next year, you and your better half, if you need to get away. we have an extra bedroom and bathroom and it’s still warm enough, some days, to go swimming. except for thanksday and x-mas, which are already taken!


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