Day3 pm

Sorry for the gloom and doom of the earlier post. I think jet lag is catching up with me altho thus far it hasn’t been bad at all.  KJI is just this absurd publicity chaser who can’t stand to be out of the spotlight; he can’t feed his people but he can make nukes? What’s with that?  And I hate the fact that it’s my students who are front and center at the DMZ right now. bleh.

I’m staying at my friend Chris’s house this evening. she has graciously given me a room of my own which includes their computer so i’ve been catching up on the whole situation.  she told me i could sleep till noon and then went and left me alone to go to sleep or whatever. What a great hostess!    When I met her this afternoon the first thing she told me was that she had had a dream that she had met me again and I had gotten fat from eating too much cheese!  Behold the power of the American diet on Asian imagination. Thank goodness i don’t eat so much American food (altho i do eat cheese!)
This evening I had dinner with her and EunMi, my Korean tutor. Of course Chris prepared a huge meal of marinated galbi with chestnuts and ginko fruit, kimchis, pajeon, rice, mushroom soup, seaweed lavers and stir fried bean sprouts.  after dinner we walked down to the open market. i love open markets; all the goods and wares are set up outside the shops under canopies: fish, grains, tofu, fruits and vegetables, snacks, dry goods. i love them at night especially with the florescent lighting and neon. it’s so asian.


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