Day 8

my friend has this great idea to go down to hong-dae…hong-ik university…area but i’m so tired i know i won’t be very good company! i am not a night owl. neither am i a morning person. i think my best time is about 1 or 2 in the afternoon.

Guess what!  It IS dried persimmon season here!  I’m so happy; i didn’t think it would be till later but they have them now. Dried persimmons are the best!

My friend and I went out to a department store this afternoon.  Just when you thought not one more person could fit into the elevator, safely or physically, three more people got on.   Found a great t-shirt near the dpt store that said ‘bubble gumkillers GUB’ on it so i had to buy it even though i have already spent more money than i came over with 😦  Really can’t buy anything else; I don’t know if I’ll be able to get it all home 😛

I was supposed to climb the mountain this morning while my friend took her daughter to Track and Field day but I got talking to Amy and Christian instead when i stopped by their apt.  Christian is going w/ one of the other teachers at his school to this Buddhist temple. Apparently they can stay overnight and have breakfast w/ them in the morning. I’m REALLY jealous!


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