My promise to you

I’m home safe and relatively sound but bushed. My body has no idea what time it is. I couldn’t sleep on the plane at all.  But, I had an aisle seat and no one next to me for the way back, as well, so I guess that is one of the perks of traveling solo when the flight is not completely booked.
The flight from Chicago to Cincy was complete mayhem. The child behind me, who was maybe 2, went into major melt-down mode about 20 minutes before the plane landed.  Call me naive, I mean I know I don’t have kids, but 2 is TOO OLD for that kind of yowling and screaming.  His mom kept trying to quietly reason with him. Reason, ha!  If I were her, Mrs. Hand would have done some reasoning with little Master Bottom, landing or no landing.  He didn’t shut up until the flight attendant came back and started talking to his mother; once she ignored him, he didn’t have an audience and quieted right down, until they started paying attention to him again, upon which the screaming started again. Moral of this story, I will never travel on a plane with my kids until they are at least 24 and a half years old and have a more extensive vocabulary than ‘no’ and ‘gimme’…and maybe not even then.


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  1. nikki
    Oct 17, 2006 @ 12:53:28

    WELCOME BACK, michele!

    fyi–2 is NOT too old for yowling and screaming. actually, it is often more appropriate to hear a 2 year old going crazy on an airplane than a 1 year old. i understand that it was probably annoying as all hell, but at least it was on the short leg of the trip.


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