Jet lag

At one p.m., still being in my pj’s gives new meaning to the ‘lag’ in ‘jet lag’. Slept till 4 am and was wide awake. 4 hours of sleep is luxuriant for people such as Rob Swanson, who does more on 4 hours of sleep than i can do on 8.5, but for me it is a sad, sad thing. I have never had that problem before, waking up early; usually I just get super-tired really early in the evening but then i can sleep straight through. So maybe this is the effect of not having been there long enough to get really adjusted to Korean time.

I’m still trying to process the trip.  when I got there, it seemed like i had never left. Now that I’m home, it seems like I never went.

Troy’s coworker sent him a link to pics of NK. It is a pretty interesting view.  The photographer kind of goes on and on about the housing but actually it looks the same as traditional houses in the south so I am not sure what he was trying to say about that.  The apt blocks, too, look fairly similar to SK ones, except more run down; style’s the same tho. What struck me was the lack of trees in the photos of the countryside–totally deforested in some of them–and the lack of automobiles in the city, as compared to the 2 hours it takes to drive 15 miles into Seoul on a Sunday.

There’s lots I should do today but I’m completely unmotivated. Story of my life!


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