So far so good

We got the bloodwork back on Sweetie and there are no problems w/ her on that end!  No kidney problems, a slightly elevated white blood count…the vet thought she might have some kind of virus that i don’t know how to spell and that it would have to run its course.  Or she might have some kind of bacterial mouth infection.  hard to say. They are going to run a feline leukemia test on the blood she donated the other night so we’ll see what that has to say.  I’m taking her in on Saturday for a check on the unspellable virus.  We’re not out of the woods yet but things are looking better than they were a few days ago when i was crying into my pillow for poor neglected kitty.  We had to hand-inject some fluids into her mouth w/ a needle-less syringe, which i had never done before. Ollie is very curious about what’s in the basement but he’s also wary, which is good. he doesn’t need to catch any unspellable viruses.

What kind of a vet recommends euthanasia like that?  A vet that runs his own very small, understaffed clinic, I guess. I think he must deal in routine in-and-out treatments and probably doesn’t have time for time-intensive animals like Sweetie.  I’ll take her there to be spade, though, if it comes to that because it was only $45 there and it is $195 at our vet!


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