Tales from the crypt(ic teacher)

I did a brief lesson on Halloween for my advanced students this morning and then one of them, this Brazilian woman, starts talking about this Halloween party she went to this weekend. She was so excited!  She said it was the best party she had been to since she’s been in the States and as far as I could tell, everyone was pretty much hammered by the end of it, so yeah, it must have been good! Anyway, the point of the story is that she was so excited and it was really cute and then I started thinking that the last time I was at a Halloween party was when I was about 10 and I am such a loser to have no social life. Oh, well, There’s always next year. Not that I care much about Halloween, it’s just dressing up in costumes that I like. But, hey! Since when do you need an excuse for that?! I do it all the time…so does Troy! (heh, heh, just kidding…about me, I mean…)

In other news: does anyone need a cat, I mean, besides Zach and Nikki?  Black Cat made friends with us yesterday. She’s in considerably better health than Sweetie (who is improving daily and is looking forward to having Zach sleep down in the basement with her) and she’s very pretty, all black, and as affectionate as Sweetie is.  We’ll be taking her to the vet this week for shots and to get a wound on her leg treated and after that, NO MORE STRAY CATS!  I mean it!


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