Thanks to the cheery comments of my cheerful friends, I felt immediately better the next day after I posted 😉

Yesterday I had lunch w/ the women who had been in my erstwhile morning class. While it was absolutely wonderful so see them all again, I heard some sad news from one of them. The woman from Brazil (you know the one who had a great time at her Halloween party?), she’s getting divorced. She’s been with this guy for three years, he brought her over from Brazil, but it turns out she would often come home to find strange women at the house w/ him, women that she found out were ex-girlfriends. He’d been playing around for quite awhile and she had to start going on his business trips w/ him to keep him from further dalliance, which resulted in her having to miss a lot of her English classes.  She doesn’t have a job yet. She has asked him for a divorce to escape the hell and he suddenly agreed to it this month. He was expecting her to go back home b/c her second round of citizenship paperwork comes up in January. But she feels caught between two worlds after having been here for awhile and knows she’ll have more opportunities if she can stay here. Her husband made her sign this complicated pre-nup before they were married and her lawyer, after looking at it, asked her why her husband had wanted to marry her in the first place. She said she didn’t know.

Can you imagine living in a foreign country, no family, only a few friends, no resources, no job and now being kicked out of your home (its this huge mansion-type place and she doesn’t want to stay there)?   I feel so sorry for her; what’s going to happen to her?  At least she’s getting away from her user husband. I hope it will work out for her. I’ll keep you posted. 


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