My night out, or a study in profiles

Troy and I wandered down to Carly and Marty’s old stomping grounds last night to go to the Northside Tavern and see Dan Faehnle.  Dan is a particular favorite of Troy. We first saw him play out in Portland and strangely enough he moved back east about the time we moved out of Portland, too. Now he’s based out of Dayton so Troy gets to see him even more frequently than when we were in grad school; he plays a lot at the Blue Whisp.
It was a standing-room-only crowd last night but that’s not surprising given the teeny-tiny space. Sadly, some older guy with a balding pate decided to sit down right in front of me so all I could see was the keyboardist’s left hand.  So I did some people watching while listening to good jazz and this is what I saw. A tall, lanky guy near the front door (who Troy thot was maybe the lead singer of another group he saw there recently) who went in to regular convulsions to show how much more greatly he was transported by the music than the rest of us poor mortals. The bartender was a young version of Lydia the Tatooed Lady: both arms were covered in tatoos, the one was quite lovely, of a woman…self-portrait?  Then there was the table full of older men and women; one man had long, iron grey locks and a jaunty newsboy cap.  The man behind us and to the left played airdrums so energetically that the table shook from the vibrations and the women in the table directly in front of us kept flipping their bottle blond hair, which was badly in need of a touch-up, and being generally annoying.  The man with the dreds had an indifferent-looking face so it was good he had dreds to provide a bit of interest to his appearance. The seventeen year old who came with his dad excitedly greeted another man (his neighbor? music teacher?), telling him that this guitarist was “his most favorite guitarist in the whole world“. The middle aged woman with glasses and a tired face who looked like an elementary or middle school music teacher bobbed her head and jerked her chin through the first set. Finally, all the middle-aged, beer-bellied men kept bumping my chair as they passed.
Hope you enjoyed your tour of Northside Tavern. The music was good, by the way.


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