Goodbye, 2006

The god Janus Geminus is swiftly approaching his time. As we look forward to the new year, I thought we could all look backward upon my year, as I am sure that is your all-consuming passion, to know about my life. Here are a few highlights:

We got our first family pet after being married for 10 years. Oliver Twist (aka, Ollie) was waiting for us at the SPCA last January.
My brother joined the Navy and graduated from boot camp in April thereby providing an answer of the prayers of many that he could get a job and have that job be one in which he used the considerable number of degrees he has amassed.
Troy got a new and better job thereby enabling him to escape the harrowing and disorganized world of non-profit service.
We went to Maine after many years away, which was delightful, even tho we didn’t see any saber-toothed tigers or get hypothermia, in spite of Rob’s predictions.
I got a job at in adult ed program teaching ESL.
I took over all proofreading responsibilities for my Korean university. And began panicking about the ESL job.
I began getting more hours for ETS and really, really began panicking about the ESL job.
We hosted a Korean university student at our house for 3 weeks before she started classes at Wittenburg U.
I worked all three jobs and about went crazy during the first fall session.
We got a couple stray cats in our back yard.
I went to Korea, my well-beloved second homeland, for 10 days in October (even tho it really wasn’t the same w/out Troy)
I got a class dropped for the ESL job and things were much better.
My brother met a girl.
Various cultural activities were attended.
My ankle finally got back almost to normal a year after breaking/surgery. I can actually run now almost as well as I could before (which really isn’t saying much since I’m a terrible runner. I mean it.)
Previously mentioned stray cats took over our basement.
We bought a piano after 10+ years of not having one and more than that of not playing (I’m not rusty AT ALL).


Taylor vs. U2

So last night I had this dream that U2 was going to be giving a free concert at a small, Christian liberal arts university (in my dream it wasn’t Taylor tho).  I was just getting off teaching my ESL class when one of my former college roommates, Jen Z, comes along and tells me this and invites me to go with her. So I call Troy to see how much the U2 tickets would be for the show the next night because we were thinking of going (but I mean how much cheaper could it be if it’s free?) and he tells me (I believe he said tix would be $6.50 but really what he meant was $65. anyway…) So I go with Jen and there’s all these empty seats ( I told you it was a dream) and so we sit down in the middle of the auditorium even tho there’s all these open seats in the front and start listening to the opening acts, plural, which are all these school groups but it’s not even college age groups it’s like high school with these groups playing these bizarre ‘ethnic instruments’ and, I think, the triangle.  Well.  Then I get up for some reason and someone steals my seat next to Jen but then Jeff C shows up so I think, oh, I’ll sit with him but then we end up sitting way in the back and we can hardly see the stage and then for some reason I lose my seat next to Jeff, as well. But he was acting really worried about something anyway and had been constantly checking his cell phone, so finally I just decided to wake up b/c it’s too exhausting to continue searching for seats at a free U2 concert.  And, frankly, this was one of my more normal dreams.

Note to Self

Subject: Shaving of legs

Item: When shaving near the area where one’s ankle was broken and now contains a variety of hardware, in particular the protruding screwhead on the interior side, do not press quite so hard with the razor as this causes negative and slightly bloody results. 

Welcome home to me

Got back last night from my dad’s in Indy and went straight down to the Blue Wisp to see the Wed night Big Band that they have there. The place was packed, SRO, so we were kind of standing up, jammed in a corner for the first set but we got seats after that. It was a wall of jazz sound, really great.  There was some apparently well-known trumpet player filling in that night by the name of Vinny De Martino but I have no clue; Brandon, maybe you can help out.  Sadly, we found out that the bassist we had seen just a few weeks ago at the Christmas show died on Christmas Day. Anyway, it was a really good show and is every Wednesday so check it out if you have some free time.

I got to meet my brother’s girlfriend, Rachel, the singing sailor. How cute is she?! She’s very awesome even tho I only got to spend about 2 hours with her. But then, I’m not the one it’s important to spend time with. Anyway, she’s very cool so I approve.

Lastly, I may have to take over an Intensive English course when we start back up in January so I am really not looking forward to that because these classes are 3 hours long so it’ll be 6-9 pm on Tues/Thurs pm. Suck. I told my coordinator he could fire me if he wanted to. We’ll see if he takes me up on it. I hope so because I got used to having my weekends free over this last session. It’ll be back to working everyday if I have to do this class since it’s so prep-intensive. Sucky-suck.

What are you guys doing for New Year’s, or did I already ask that?

Technology Nightmare

So I came down to my dad’s after spending Christmas weekend at my mom’s and now it’s 12:17 a.m. Wed and I’m trying to upload a file that I proofread today and get this, ok, it’s a 14 MB file and I have to load it via dial-up. Yes. I know. Insane.  When I was at my mom’s, I had a 53.3 kbs connection, which was bad enough but here it is 33.6. No lie. It took over an hour to attach it to my Yahoo account to send it and now I have to upload it to one of their storage sites in case it doesn’t go through to them or something. I tell you, the things I do for money.

How was all y’all’s Christmas?  Mine was fine. I really cleaned up for WorldVision. My brother got me a goat, I got him a share in an eye surgery, I got my dad a couple soccer balls and Troy got me emergency funding. Yay for me!

Ok, I need to go see if they responded to my message asking them to confirm they got the file. Oh, and sorry, there weren’t really any fun Konglish sentences in this one…too well translated. Alas.

Various: 12/22

1) Yesterday was Thursday and therefore it was raining. Of the 58 weeks we have lived in our house, the majority of Thursdays have been rainy. How do I know this? Because Thursday night is the night to take out the trash.  And therefore it rains.  You can easily see the logic in this, can’t you?

2)  Gearing up for the holiday weekend/week. As usual, apart from visiting w/ various family, I have planned to re-do my kitchen cabinets next week, which of course will take me far longer than planned, but I never learn and therefore have planned it. At least I can get them sanded and ready to be primed. 

3) My brother will be home for the holidays from Nahfahk, VA. He gets to move off base into a real apt in Jan, which is good news for him. He’ll be 1 block from the ocean AND he’s got a 2-room place, so guess who’s going to be a frequent visitor?^^  PLUS, I hope to get to meet his much-talked-about girlfriend over break. She’s a sailor, too, at Nahfahk, a vocalist…a singing sailor, as it were…but her family lives near Indy. She sounds super-cool, so I hope it works out to meet her.

4)  When I told Troy about whacking my shin (it’s a new game: Whack-a-Shin. Think it’ll fly?), he said and I quote: “Michele, you just can’t hurry. You don’t have the skills to hurry.” Ha, ha, ha! He’s so funny.

5) Why shouldn’t he swear in with a Quran, if the Bible doesn’t have a holy meaning for him? For heaven’s sake, the things people get upset over. Really.

5) I hope you all have a meaningful Christmas. I know the 3 of you who read this celebrate Christmas so I can just say Merry Christmas.   I hope both the sacred and the secular side of it bring you joy! 

News flash

Those inflatable and oh-so-rapidly-becoming-ubiquitous holiday decorations–you know the ones I mean: giant Grinches, or Santas or Scoobie-Doos wearing Santa hats–they are not charming. They are not cute nor are they whimsical.  The only word that could possibly apply to them is tacky. I am sorry if you have one in your front yard; truly, I’m sorry. Please go remove it at once.  Alledgedly, there was someone going around slashing these things. They called it ‘criminal’; I call it ‘just desserts’.

Seriously, how does your neighborhood decorate for Christmas?  Ours is an older, blue-collar neighbor so sad to say there are lots of inflatable decorations. Some streets have gone all out. One house about 5 or 6 blocks down from us has so many Christmas decs out that they fill up the side yard and the roof. I tried to take a picture of it all but there was too much.  That whole street is gung-ho but then other streets are not so much. We put our tree up in the front window and ran some lights down our new porch railing. I put up some icicle lights around the porch roof but they fell down and I haven’t bothered to put them back up yet so they are kind of just lying on the porch in a bunch. Ho, ho, ho.  At least I tried.  How about you guys?

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