Not much to say

Not much to say today. This weekend we pimped our house for Christmas. Last year wasn’t so exciting since we were in the middle of moving in but this year has worked out  much better.  Charming looking and all that, especially with a real live porch to deck out (pardon the pun).

We now have 3 cats in our house, bringing Shadow in last week b/c of the colder weather.  We have to put Ollie in his cloister (the music room) when the other two come up from the basement because Sweetie continues as Mrs. Meanie towards him, chasing and terrorizing him whenever she sees him.

Right now we’re watching ‘Space Mutiny’ as commentated by Mike and the Bots. Quite, quite hilarious.  That’s all for now. Sorry to be so boring. I’ll try better tomorrow.


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