There go my dreams of stardom

So my friend Lori (see her blog at the side), with whom I have remained friends for too many years for us to count honestly (she’s the person I’ve been friends with for the longest in my life, a token of having moved hither and yon in childhood days…so, there, Lor, you get a claim to fame. (as if she needs one. she’s like this total movie star, seriously!)), she had this “celebrity look-a-like” thing linked on her myspace, uh, space. “Celebrity-piece-of-crap” it should be called and I’ll tell you why. I uploaded, like, three dozen photos of me (ok, not that many; i don’t have that many pics of me, as Sharon will tell you) and the majority of them came back with celebrity look-alikes such as, and I quote: Nicolas Cage, Haley Joel Osment (most photos) (whoever the hell he is), Thomas Edison, Prince William (several appearances), Gerard Depardieu (several appearances), Buckminster Fuller, and, my fav, Geronimo. Ok, I did get A FEW females (Mary-Kate Olson (huh?), Daryl Hannah (that’s the only celeb I’ve ever heard I looked like), and Carrie Fisher among them).

And then I ran Troy and my wedding photo and got for me: Chelsea Clinton, Melissa Gilbert and Guiseppe Verdi and for Troy:  Topher Grace, Holly Hunter and Ray Romano. Huh.

It was quite depressing until I realized that it was actually fun to see how many different men I could actually look like.  That’s no woman, baby…maybe i have gender issues that i never knew about.  At the very least, my wretched and irregular physiognomy (yes, I had to look the spelling up and no, I didn’t have it right. i was off by one vowel) will never grace the realms of the silver screen, alas, alack, and lack-a-day. (It’s my schnoz, i just know it. no self-respecting feminine female has a beak as big as i do). You can see some other ‘celebs’ here.

and that’s about it, kids.  if you do the look-alike thing, you are absolutely required to tell me a few of them, unless they’re all like 100% match for Nicole Kidman, Audrey Hepburn, and Kate Winslet (unless you’re a guy, ’cause then it will be funny. no wait, it won’t either because that will mean a GUY is more beautiful than i can be!!).


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. robberfly
    Dec 12, 2006 @ 07:21:26

    Haley Joel Osment was the kid in “the sixth sense”. He’s older now though..probably about 17 or so…


  2. robberfly
    Dec 12, 2006 @ 07:33:05

    ok, here’s mine. hilarious

    Clark Gable 73%
    Bob Marley 63%
    Tim Allen 63%

    Other choices included
    Kohmeni (sp?)
    John Coltrane
    David Hasselhoff
    Ariel Sharon
    Bruce Willis
    Christian Slater
    Dennis Hopper
    Ewan McGregor
    Dave Evans (better known as the Edge)

    and here’s my favorite…Dakota Fanning!


  3. nikkip
    Dec 12, 2006 @ 08:23:15

    ok. so i don’t like that thing. while i didn’t have any men pop up, i don’t think i look an ounce like any of the people it said…

    christina ricci
    bryce howard
    helen hunt
    katie couric
    monica lewinsky
    …and a bunch of people i’ve never seen or heard of before!


  4. Lori
    Dec 23, 2006 @ 20:42:12

    sorry it was such a horrible experience — i take all the blame! And I did find it quite funny that the one celebrity I am told I look like….didn’t even come up on my list, either!!


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