Product Placement

1) I’m so happy to have found Picasa2 since I am too cheap to buy Photoshop.

2) Some of you may have heard the story of Sweetie peeing on my down comforter and having it soak through the double folded comforter, through my sheets and onto the featherbed as well as the following morning that saw me spend three or four hours at the laundromat washing the featherbed since my washer wasn’t big enough. Well. The featherbed finally got dried out but the comforters, while clean of urine, now smelled like wet dog no matter how long I left them in the dryer. So finally I bought some Febreze and let me tell you that that took care of it right away. So yay for Febreze. And, by the way, Sweetie has not peed on the bed since then so I hope it was a one time thing. It’s her favorite place to sleep when she gets her ‘upstairs time’.



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