Technology Nightmare

So I came down to my dad’s after spending Christmas weekend at my mom’s and now it’s 12:17 a.m. Wed and I’m trying to upload a file that I proofread today and get this, ok, it’s a 14 MB file and I have to load it via dial-up. Yes. I know. Insane.  When I was at my mom’s, I had a 53.3 kbs connection, which was bad enough but here it is 33.6. No lie. It took over an hour to attach it to my Yahoo account to send it and now I have to upload it to one of their storage sites in case it doesn’t go through to them or something. I tell you, the things I do for money.

How was all y’all’s Christmas?  Mine was fine. I really cleaned up for WorldVision. My brother got me a goat, I got him a share in an eye surgery, I got my dad a couple soccer balls and Troy got me emergency funding. Yay for me!

Ok, I need to go see if they responded to my message asking them to confirm they got the file. Oh, and sorry, there weren’t really any fun Konglish sentences in this one…too well translated. Alas.


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