Taylor vs. U2

So last night I had this dream that U2 was going to be giving a free concert at a small, Christian liberal arts university (in my dream it wasn’t Taylor tho).  I was just getting off teaching my ESL class when one of my former college roommates, Jen Z, comes along and tells me this and invites me to go with her. So I call Troy to see how much the U2 tickets would be for the show the next night because we were thinking of going (but I mean how much cheaper could it be if it’s free?) and he tells me (I believe he said tix would be $6.50 but really what he meant was $65. anyway…) So I go with Jen and there’s all these empty seats ( I told you it was a dream) and so we sit down in the middle of the auditorium even tho there’s all these open seats in the front and start listening to the opening acts, plural, which are all these school groups but it’s not even college age groups it’s like high school with these groups playing these bizarre ‘ethnic instruments’ and, I think, the triangle.  Well.  Then I get up for some reason and someone steals my seat next to Jen but then Jeff C shows up so I think, oh, I’ll sit with him but then we end up sitting way in the back and we can hardly see the stage and then for some reason I lose my seat next to Jeff, as well. But he was acting really worried about something anyway and had been constantly checking his cell phone, so finally I just decided to wake up b/c it’s too exhausting to continue searching for seats at a free U2 concert.  And, frankly, this was one of my more normal dreams.


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  1. Lil Bro B-dawg
    Dec 31, 2006 @ 14:07:28

    Might I advise some professional help? Maybe some medication?


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