Allow me to recommend:

A) Skip this one unless you are passionate or at least mildly interested in cleaning products. Now that Mom is the only one left reading, Mom, I’d like to say that Woolite OxyDeep carpet cleaning spray is the Holy Grail of carpet cleaners.  It has taken out not a few hairball stains as well as, and this is more to the point, several large size stains from the remote past of the previous owners of this house who were early-twenties nitwits who obviously just kind of dabbed at stains without doing anything very active about them. So. I highly recommend Woolite Oxy Deep carpet cleaner, despite its absurd name, for all your carpet cleaning and stain lifting needs.

B) Secondly, I do have to say that running along with the cadence CD I bought (Run to Cadence: U.S. Navy) has made a HUGE difference in my motivation to get out there and get some exercise. As long as you don’t mind some kicky military propaganda running thru your head (I want some candy/ I want some toffee/ As a matter of fact / I want sweet Kaddafi…no lie), it gives you a steady rhythm to listen to. I actually WANT to keep, well, I won’t say that what I do is running, jogging is probably a better word and even that might be a stretch, anyway, “jogging” when usually I have to push myself to go as long as I think for some unknown reason or other I should. I can’t go very far or long. I haven’t done much activity since I broke my ankle so it’s pretty slow getting back into shape but this is really helping me.  So, go Navy.  Also, I’ve decided that, given my distinct lack of skills in the area of balance such as in, say, walking or standing without falling over, I’m going to start practicing my kicking from martial arts days.  It’ll give me extra work-out time as well as improve my balance (I hope. Certainly can’t hurt it much more than it already is). I always enjoyed forms and kicking the most at HwaRangDo (I mean, except for the kicks that I sucked at, like jump kicks. Troy so kicked my ass in that area), so it’ll be good to review.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. norba920
    Jan 08, 2007 @ 11:00:12

    fyi. i read it too. and we’ll take up the oxydeep recommendation. are you getting paid by them or something?


  2. micheledwest
    Jan 08, 2007 @ 11:33:00

    dude, they absolutely SHOULD pay me for the free product placement!! but, no, I was actually just VERY impressed with how well it removed old, old stains…


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