Isn’t he lovely?

There’s a new sound in our household as of last night. This is it: ‘thwack. thwack. thwack.’. If you think it is the sound of Ollie trying to open the door of the cabinet behind which the trash can resides, you would be correct.

Ollie’s been getting back to his pre-the-SPCA-rescued-me-from-a-life-of-street-living lately. He has discovered The Trash Can. Over the past few weeks he has been knocking over the trash can to see what goodies are to be found. Knocked over trash can = garbage everywhere on the kitchen floor = unhappy humans. So. Finally we moved the trash can to that magical place where many trash cans reside: UndertheSinkland.  However! Last night Ollie found that, hey, these doors, they open! I can open them! If I try hard enough! So he practiced his powers of opening cabinet doors and gained such skill as to finally get one open upon which he heads for the nearest smelly thing, i.e. the styrofoam container that had once had curry noodles, and begins gnawing away happily until the mean humans come and take it away. And put a chair in front of the cabinet (which doesn’t stop him from trying to keep opening it).

So this morning, I call the vet to make an appt for him tomorrow because, you see, his shots are due. At the end of the conversation, I casually mention that he had eaten styrofoam because, you know, that might not be a good thing for kitties to eat, and the person on the other end says: “Ollie will die immediately!”. No, wait. That’s not what she said but that is what I heard. What she actually said was: “styrofoam can be toxic.”  So I changed the appt to today (I’m not doing ETS today).  The vet was less concerned, gave him a shot, asked how many times he had thrown up so far (answer: 3, one with stryofoam chunks) and sent us on our merry way.

Stupid (expensive) cat! I love my fluffy boy!!!  And guess what!!  When we got home, he figured out that he could open the other cabinet door and get in from that side. And guess how I know that. Scenario: thwack, thwack, thwack. Me: it’s ok because the door is blocked. Silence. Me: Ollie?  Going to kitchen. Sound: Rustle, rustle but no Ollie. Solution: Look under the sink! The amazing Cabinet-Opening-Kitty! So now the chair is in the middle of the cabinet blocking both doors.

You can see his account of it here (come ON, people, throw me a bone here. I came up with this idea and I just think I am so clever to have thought of it but no one has EVEN GONE TO LOOK AT IT ARE YOU BLIND?! and I’m so sad. And I have no life. I know this. This also is sad. But, there you have it.)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nikki
    Jan 12, 2007 @ 08:44:41

    i looked…but when i arrived and saw it was myspace, i quickly turned away. i find myspace to be confusing. why not wordpress for ollie?


  2. norba920
    Jan 12, 2007 @ 11:39:25

    nice. i checked it out because, unlike nikki, i don’t find myspace confusing at all. maybe nikki doesn’t know that you have to use the “computer machine” to get on the “myspace” — you can’t get to it from your telephone, microwave or iPod, nikki.

    so back to ollie’s comments: 1. he sounds native american 2. why does he call you “human”? does he not know your name?

    that’s all.


  3. The Mom
    Jan 12, 2007 @ 12:20:18

    Egads! Translating all that Konglish nonsense really HAS put you over the edge!


  4. micheledwest
    Jan 13, 2007 @ 20:58:23

    Personal note to Nikki: I feel your myspace pain, Nikki! Don’t listen to mean old Rob!
    Personal note to Rob: Ha! “You can’t get to it from your microwave…” Good one!
    Personal note to Mom: Well, possibly I was never much ON or NEAR the edge anyway so being over it is probably the state of normalcy for me.


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