More dreams

This is what I dreamt last night. Troy and I and my mom and the Pappas’ were all driving in a van together to Disney World. By the way, the Pappas’ had a son in this dream. We got to Disney World, which was, for some reason, a huge indoor complex, like a mall or something, and my mom and I stopped off in the ladies’ room, which also was huge and had showers, but was not, it seems to me, of pristine cleanliness.  Then because we had stopped to potty, we lost track of the others and so we jostled our way through the crowds to another part but they weren’t there either so I called Troy and found out that they were back near the potties and so we had to head back there through the crowds and the piped Muzak and it seems to me that Zach was playing some kind of game and then there were dolphins in there somewhere.  And drink cans (soft drinks? beer? not sure)

So. Roadtrip anyone?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nikki
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 15:08:50

    a little odd, but i do feel special to have been a part of your dream.


  2. norba920
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 15:42:49

    yeah, thanks alot. nice. real nice. i’m imposing a temporary moratorium on guest appearances by you and t in my dreams in protest…


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