Adventures in shopping

At Kroger, aka, What the ???

For my birthday, Troy got me a nice gift card to Michael’s and w/ part of it I bought 3 nice new large canvas tote bags to use when I go to the grocery store instead of having to take back the old plastics ones all the time and to avoid getting new plastic ones as well.  But!  My attempts to save on plastic bag usage were almost foiled as the bagger, saying ‘i don’t want your nice new bags to get messy’ started to put the frozen food products into PLASTIC BAGS  and then into my canvas bag!!!  What!???  I had to tell her, ‘no, I really don’t want the plastic bags; it’s ok if they get dirty, that’s what my washing machine is for!’  People, I tell you, no matter how hard you try to do environmental good, most people just don’t get it and try to cross you at every turn.

Afternoon at Goodwill: or, the Letter of the Law

So I went this afternoon to get some pants at Goodwill and here is what happened. A:  the sign on the dressing room door clearly states “NO MORE THAN 6 GARMENTS” so what do people do?  They only take 6 garments into the room but they pull their shopping cart full of 25 items of clothing and then pop open the door after each try-on is finished and grab some more. Come ON, people. B: Then, after I get in line to check out and am standing there for 10 minutes, oh, the check-out lane is going to close. So I move to another lane and wait 20 MORE minutes and meanwhile the clerk who said she was finishing keeps checking people out and the people in front of me have about 20 clothes each and, well, I tell you many an irritated sigh issued from my lips, being all passive-aggressive as I am.

Piece of crap shopping.  But at least I got my pants. finally. in the end.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sharon
    Feb 05, 2007 @ 21:03:01

    I had exactly the same experience at Goodwill one time, except that in Spokane Goodwill stores, the limit is 3 garments, so when you get stuck behind someone trying on 37 garments in sets of 3, well, you get the idea. What is WRONG with people?!!!!


  2. ~m
    Feb 06, 2007 @ 08:51:50

    EXACTLY, Sharon!!!


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