How I embarrassed Troy yet again

I took my own containers to the restaurant to put the leftovers in. Troy was moritified. Our server just laughed (we’re kind of regulars by now). But the styrofoam! The plastic!  It just goes into our trash where it may or may not be eaten by our cat causing much vomiting and consternation on the part of our cat and our cat and I, respectively. Why not take my own containers even tho no one else in their right mind would? Plus! I took back the containers in which they had once given us our delicious take-out curries.  That’s not quite as bad, right?

Have I gone too far? How does Troy put up with me? Not that I won’t do it again….*sigh*


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. robberfly
    Feb 05, 2007 @ 07:51:25

    ha ha!

    i think we are probably one step away from doing that ourselves. we would just need to plan ahead…that’s the problem.

    but i can TOTALLY relate!


  2. ~m
    Feb 05, 2007 @ 09:12:41

    I’m GLAD I’m not alone in my craziness!!! Yes, the planning ahead is the hard part….I had thot abt it before but hadn’t remembered to take things with!


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