what’s in a name?

This happened to me awhile ago, I guess right before the current teaching session started, so back in the second week of January.  Well, it goes back before that, tho, too.

Backstory:  there’s a lot of turnover in the world of adult ed teachers and the ESL program is no exception. So back in November I met this woman who was going to start taking over classes for another teacher who was going on maternity leave. I was not too impressed with the woman who was coming on board.  talk about disdainful. You felt like she was doing you a favor to say ‘hi’ and she didn’t really have much time for you after that because really you were just an ignorant, untrained adult ed employee. Of course, that was my impression in all of the total 5 minutes that i interacted with her.
Fast forward to January: We had a pre-session meeting and I sat at a table at which I only knew 1 other person and of course we had to do this get to you know you thing and then introduce each person at your table to the other table (SOOO typical ESL stuff). (And it turned out that the one woman–different woman, not same as above–talked the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME to one of the other teachers so that they barely had time to talk to the other guy, the Somali guy, and, surprise, surprise, didn’t talk to me at all. This always happens to me. But i’m hardly going to interrupt a conversation to start telling people all about ME when they were the ones who were supposed to be managing their time better.  Teamwork, people). So anyway, I knew one of the other teachers at the table and he knew me a little and so when it came time for my table to introduce me, there was a bit of an embarrassed pause (eat dirt, talky lady. heh, heh.) and the talky lady had to admit they didn’t have time to talk to me because she was talking too much. So the other teacher jumps in and says, ‘Michele is our resident ETS liaison’ or something like that because he knows I work for ETS. And then (yes, we’re coming to the point), the Ice Cold Lady says, really perky, ‘What ETS? Educational Testing Services?”. And since that time, she’s been, if not chatty, at least she says hi to me in a friendly way. And you know why? It’s because she thinks I am worth her time since I’m a ‘trained professional’ and not just some slacker adult ed teacher like she thought and whom she is so much better than (because she works at one of the local universities).

I hate that kind of attitude.


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