Happiness is:

A Girl Scout fudge covered peanut butter cookie in one hand and a frozen dried persimmon in the other. And also, being able to walk to the antique mall and score fun finds on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

I’m afraid my life is dreadfully dull at this point. I have no clever stories with which to regale you. But let us all take a brief moment and reflect joyfully that this is my last week of teaching; to wit, tomorrow is my last day of class and Thursday is the final exam. And I’m going to take brownies to my students on the last day because I am The Best Teacher Ever, even though I complain about it.

P.S.: Troy is heading into a grueling 4-week CPA review class. I figure I’m going to sign up for a Chinese language class while he’s doing that (there aren’t any Korean classes offered).

And that’s it from Our Little Town, OH


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