Oops, they did it again!

3/1 is a national holiday in Korea commemorating an uprising attempt against Japanese colonization in the early part of the 20th century. Apparently several hours after President Roh/Noh gave his “3/1” speech, Abe came out with a statement denying the role of military force in the case of ‘comfort women’ (mainly Korean and Chinese women/girls who were kidnapped by Japanese soldier and forced to work in brothels for them).

Documents found in 1992 clearly indicate that these women were coerced and in 1993 the Japanese PM issued a watered-down apology but the women have never received a parliamentary approved apology and the only reparations they have received have come from private Japanese donors, not the Japanese gov’t.

I thought this section of the article was interesting:

“Some say it is useful to compare the brothels to college cafeterias run by private companies, who recruit their own staff, procure foodstuffs, and set prices,” he said.

“Where there’s demand, businesses crop up … but to say women were forced by the Japanese military into service is off the mark,” he said. “This issue must be reconsidered, based on truth … for the sake of Japanese honor.”

Sex slave victims, however, say they still suffer wounds — physical and psychological — from the war.

Lee Yong-soo, 78, a South Korean who was interviewed during a recent trip to Tokyo, said she was 14 when Japanese soldiers took her from her home in 1944 to work as a sex slave in Taiwan.

“The Japanese government must not run from its responsibilities,” said Lee, who has long campaigned for Japanese compensation. “I want them to apologize. To admit that they took me away, when I was a little girl, to be a sex slave. To admit that history.”

It’s terrible that 80-year old grandmothers (who, by the way, regularly walk up mountains because they are just that physically fit) are now being told that they were prostitutes.  What is this J gov’t thinking? They’ve stuck their foot in it again…


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