Hello. How dare you come here?

So the church that we’ve been going to when we actually get off our lazy butts (or, rather, get our lazy butts out of bed) in time to actually go is about 4 blocks up from our house, which is nice since we can walk to church.  It’s a Lutheran church, which is also good since we both prefer liturgy and hymns to praise-n-worship type services. But!  The woman who is one of the greeters there, well, let’s just be generous here and say right out that she has some mental limitations.  And that is fine, that is not the problem. The problem is that, as a ‘greeter’,  she’s just maybe not the best person for the job.  You get the feeling that she just doesn’t like newcomers very much and she absolutely detests people who are not seated in their pew at least 5 minutes before the service is to start. I went this morning, got there at quarter after the hour, when the service starts, and they were just starting the announcements but boy, did greeter woman GLARE at me. DAGGERS. How dare I profane the church with my dirty presence by slipping into the last pew 30 seconds after the announcements starts. I will surely rot in hell. Ok, maybe that’s not what she was thinking but from the look on her face, that’s what you feel like she’s thinking!  So maybe ‘greeter’ position is not the best position for her; maybe let her pass out the attendance log and the offering plate and stand at the end of the pews to let people out for communion but greeter? maybe not so much. Becuase with a greeter like that, you don’t need any enemies.


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