The House of the Shadow of Evil; or, the case of the much-maligned houseplant

I know you all remember Shadow and if not, you can go look at earlier blogs to find out.  Well, Shadow, while her favorite place to be is on your lap and her favorite thing to do while on your lap is purr, all very charming, I’m sure, is actually the devil regarding houseplants. She cannot leave my houseplants alone and they all look chewed on and desperate now thanks to her.

I have a little ‘lucky bamboo’ plant (by the way, did you know that they are not actually bamboo but a member of the corn family?) that I have placed, vignette style, on a little Korean chest at the top of the stairs under the Chinese calligraphy painting. It looks something like this:


So, nice, right?  All very lovely.

Enter: Shadow. For some reason she has several times tried to eat this plant also. The problem is that when she puts her paws up on the vase, it tips right over, not being as heavy as she is. Ergo, water, pebbles and other detritus stream out on the carpet in a very non-artistic way forcing me to have to pick the little rocks out of the carpet and put them back into the container, which usually involves a lot of loud shall we say ‘talking’, as well.

So if you come to my house soon and you realize that I have an artificial plant in my hallway, please don’t die of shock and horror. It is just that my house is inhabited by an Evil Shadow and an artificial plant is the only way to counteract it.



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