Sod off

Have decided that it will take too long for the grass that I am trying to smother to actually die off so I have decided to remove the sod and then just dig spots for the plants that I start without actually double digging (too much work). Thanks to the glorious weather we had today I made a start but I’m just doing a little bit at a time so as not to get burnt out. I have time to get it all done before I’ll need it to put my seedlings in. (Don’t worry, Mom, I’m using my legs and arms and not being too strenuous^^).  Can’t wait for the yummy tomatoes and peppers and snow peas and lettuce and EVERYTHING!

Also decided it was probably time to investigate the compost bin and maybe turning it just once a year is not really enough. But! I had enough compost at the bottom of the bin to put on a couple beds and so I will be more diligent about turning it this spring to see if I can hasten the process a bit more. BTW, eggshells don’t really decompose that fast.  Oh, well.  They will give pretty white flecks to my garden soil.

Finally, thanks again for meeting me on Saturday, Mom. It was a great time!


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