America’s Finest Public Servants (right here in Out Little Hamlet)

One thing that I like about where our house is located is that I can walk to all kinds of places like the bank, the library, the pharmacy and the post office.  That being said, my experience once I get to the aforementioned post office is not quite as pleasant as, say, having a balpeen hammer bounced repeatedly against one’s forehead.  Today’s story:

I went over my lunchbreak since it is  A LOVELY DAY. I needed to post some letters to South Korea. Won’t take long, right? 5 minutes to walk to the post office, a few minutes to buy the stamps and then home.  For some reason, I always forget or ignore the fact that the postal employees at my neighborhood post office are not just slow, they are unhelpful. I have been to slow post offices. There is a difference between a slow post office and an unhelpful post office and mine is unhelpful.

Today, there was 1 woman in line ahead of me and two employees at the counter. One of them, however, was not assisting anyone; she was doing something with papers. The woman ahead of me goes up to The Man Behind the Counter and starts to explain her story about having had a change of address form denied by the post office. The Man doesn’t understand and doesn’t know why that would happen.  Of course, she didn’t bring the notice and she can’t remember the former addresses and The Man still denies knowing how that would happen and starts kind of belittling her for not knowing her former address and then finally after about 5 mintues and 4 more people getting in line behind me he decides he needs to ask his supervisor and goes in the back.

At this point, Paper-Sorting Woman decides she will start helping people altho she isn’t very happy about it. (Even tho we pay her salary! She should LOVE us!!!) So I buy my stamps without even a you’re welcome to my thank you and I high-tail it out of there before anything else silly happens like the Man Behind the Counter telling me he can’t understand why I would want to post letters to foreign countries.


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