Dubious perks

I really like my job with ETS.  I can have flexible hours and I can work from home. But there are some downsides such as the $$ and the fact that it can never be like a full-time, with benefits job. We are kind of at the mercy of whatever ETS wants to do with our hours. Case in point, from now until April 22, they are doing system maintenance. This means that I do not have work. This also means that there will be a distinct lack of cash flow.  But! Not being one to bemoan my fate (which I would if I had to live solely on my income), I have made lemonade out of these dubious lemons and am going gung-ho at some of the various house projects I’ve been meaning to get to.

Today I started painting the kitchen cabinets like I have been saying I’m going to do since last fall. I got the lower cabinets primed and the first coat on. I’ll do the second coat and the upper cabintry tomorrow. They already look great tho. I’m excited to see the finished project.

I’m starting a Chinese class tomorrow night. I should be fluent by Thursday.


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