Happy Easter

True to time-honored tradition, the Easter weather has been crappy.

The church we are attending semi-irregularly has a rather tepid interim pastor.  We are (or, rather, I am) thinking about hitting the old try-a-church campaign again.  It is terribly difficult to find a place that has music AND a pastor worth listening to. So I guess music is the main priority since I have given up on finding pastors, altho I am occasionally surprised by hearing someone who tells me something I don’t already know. But not very often.  (Sorry to be cynical but I have known far too many pastors and can count on two hands the ones that had anything interesting to say and some of them live lives that are a hindrance, not a help, to whatever is it they are professing to want to do in the pulpit. My mom and I are going to write  a book about it someday^^). 

The thing about the Lutheran church that we have been ‘going to’ is that, while I like the litergy, the hymns are not the ones I grew up with and love immensely. And thinking about my future child, I would like him or her to grow up in a tradition of the wonderful hymns that are so meaningful to me.  I get more out of singing the hymns (all FOUR verses, if you please; let’s not be such tenderfeet) than any other part of the service.

So maybe we’ll look around a little bit more. Even though church is kind of a bother I know it is good to give kiddies a grounding in a faith, the start of an identity through which to seek God so I guess I should suck it up and find somewhere tolerable…The problem is that the few outstanding ones I have been to are kind of high benchmarks for other churches to meet!


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