Pop quiz

One thing that you should NOT ask your friendly neighborhood librarian to do is:

a) check out books for you

b) tell you where the new non-fiction books are

c) ask her to surf the Internet for you about books for your daughter (who is on spring break this week) ‘s upcoming health class report

If you said, “c” you get the gold star! 

Extra credit question : Why is the answer “c”?

a) All 6 patrons who have been standing in line behind you for 7 minutes in order to check out books, which takes all of 45 seconds, will rapidly begin to want to kill you or at the very least make smart comments OUT LOUD about the situation instead of just thinking them, ESPECIALLY when the librarian’s computer starts freezing up.

b) Because if you do, you are a lazy-ass idiot.

c) a & b


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nikki
    Apr 13, 2007 @ 12:47:42



  2. ~m
    Apr 14, 2007 @ 09:10:58



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