You know you live in the South when

The KKK petitions, and is granted the right, to march in the poorest and most violent inner city area of your town on Hitler’s birthday.  I would make some kind of sarcastic remark except that it is unspeakably apalling and completely disgusting to me.

A later city move recinded the permit and will allow the march only if it takes place in another area of town.  An emergency ordinance was passed by the Council in just 5 minutes yesterday that:

“prohibits marches and parades by groups that use ‘fighting words’ and requires groups to pay for police officers, firefighters and any other city services needed to handle the marches.”

The neo-Nazi group has threatened to sue the city if it interferes with the march. Sue away, asshole. Better a lawsuit than rioting, looting, hate and death, is what I always say.

The organizer of the march–Bill White, who lives in Roanoake, VA (wtf?  stay the hell in your own damn town)–sent an email saying that the ACLU was on board to represent their group. Interestingly enough, “ACLU spokesman Mike Brickner said the ACLU was ‘investigating and monitoring the situation.’ He said it was not accurate to say the ACLU represents the Nazis.” 

I should certainly hope not.


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