If not now, when?

If now is not the time, Mr. Senate Majority Leader, then when will be?  It seems to me that now IS the time, because by next week, it will all be forgotten.

But I guess  sane and actual gun control makes for bad politics, doesn’t it, Mr. and Ms. Politicians?  Your seat is much more important to you than the safety of our country.  Forget the “war on terror” (and can anyone really tell me what the hell that is supposed to mean?), look to your own people if you want deranged lunatics who can issue forth mass death with a minimum of effort.

Sen. Larry Craig (news, bio, voting record), R-Idaho, one of Congress’ most persistent advocates of gun rights, noted that the student who police say was the shooter at Virginia Tech had brought a weapon onto campus in violation of restrictions. He said he doubted a law could be passed that would protect “any of us when somebody who is mentally deranged decides to do this.”

That is why ‘restrictions’ are not enough. It’s time to put the guns away and join the grown-ups now.



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