So listening to The World on the way home, there was an interview with a reporter from Seoul who was talking about the horror and shame that the South Koreans feel since the shooter was “Korean”.  (Not that he was Korean. If he came here at 8 and went through the entire public school system after that, he was American. Schools are the great socializer/enculturator.)  In fact, one Korean colleague of mine who lives in Korea has already written me to express her shock and sorrow for the event.

He also talked about some Korean (and I don’t know if it is all Koreans or just a few) equating this slaughter of 33 people with a semi-automatic firearm as akin to the event in 2002 when 2 female Korean (high? middle? I can’t remember) school students were run over and killed by a tank manned by U.S. soldiers.

Now that was a memorable time in recent Korean events. One went around saying that one was from Canada.  However, if memory serves (and it may not, actually) the 2 girls were on military lands and they were walking around a bend in the road.  The two soldiers were aquitted and there was a big stink about that.  All the Koreans thought that they should be tried in Korean civil court and instead they were tried in U.S. martial court.  Because that is one of the rules of most forces stationed in foreign countries–INLCUDING the Korean army when it is stationed abroad–that these kinds of things will be tried under martial law (and there is some acronym for the agreement about that that I can’t remember right now; maybe someone out there does), to which the host country agrees at the outset.

So how does the tragic but accidental death of 2 Korean students equate with the carnage of 33 dead by a deranged psychopath? It’s apples to oranges, esp. considering the guy was American.  Except not to Koreans. So they will go on comparing the two.


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  1. The Mom
    Apr 20, 2007 @ 08:54:52

    On TV last night one of the newscasts interviewed the Korean guy’s great-aunt who still lives in South Korea. I thought she would be very defensive of him, but she called him a moron!! I was astonished!


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