Push-ups and other Pregnancy PT Perils

So over the weekend we were discussing push-ups and the doing thereof and how many push-ups  the various party members could do and how many were required to pass the Navy physical fitness test.  Of course, Brandon can do 8 million blindfolded with one hand tied behind his back without breaking a sweat. My uncle said he at one time could do 100 in a row and Rachel did 30 or so with, I am sure, effortless aplomb at her last test. 

Now, I hate push-ups. Hate them.  When we did HwaRangDo, we did only 10 or 15 at most and I did them but i hated doing them.  I can do tricep push-ups pretty easily but the bicep ones are just death.

Anyway, so my uncle decided on a whim to see how many he could whip out now and did about 8.  I didn’t have a go at the time but today I decided to see how many I could do.  And guess what?  Push-ups when pregnant are EVEN HARDER than push-ups not pregnant. Your belly just wants to stay veerrry close to the ground and it is a huge effort to make it be not near the ground. So, I did 10. Not very good ones and probably I would not have passed any kind of Navy test with them but I did them and learned one thing to enjoy whilst I gestate and that is that I have a great excuse to not do push-ups now.  Can’t do sit-ups either but those aren’t as bad.

So the next time you do some push-ups, do some extra for the pregnant girl who won’t be doing any any time soon.  And I’ll just eat an extra chocolate chip cookie for you.


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