While I am probably more at the income level of the handyman, our governing philosophy is that of the MIT guy’s, except more so since we don’t have cushy jobs and a second home.

In one of the comments at the end of this article, one guy comments that his hobby is watching his savings account go up.  Same can be said of my hubby.  And while some people have accused us of being tightwads, the simple fact is that a) we actually don’t make gobs of money and b) we’ll only have our ownselves to thank if we get to retire since the gov’t system that currently makes ‘retirement’ a possibility will most likely have run dry by the time I am of ‘retirement age’ (whatever that means since the idea of ‘retirement’ as synonymous for not ever working again and not contributing to the raising of the next generation your family seems to me to be a relatively recent construct of our society. and not a particularly fulfilling one at that. a lot of the retired people I know seem to have a lot of things they complain about).

Spending large chunks of money on non-liquid assets makes me cringe. 

Food and drink? It all comes out in the end (hee, hee!) and is considerably less attractive by then. 

Cars? As long as they get you where you need to go…we paid less than $10,000 total for both our cars and they are still doing the job we bought them for.  Since when are cars some kind of a statement of lifestyle?

Buying a house?  Our neighborhood is safe and I enjoy being able to have a pedestrian lifestyle but it can in no way be thought of as high-end, that is for sure! And that is not a problem.

Climate-controlled housing?  Americans have indulgent ideas of what it takes to be comfortable that most of the rest of the world cannot fathom. A little sweat or an extra layer of clothing never hurt anyone and it is far better for the environment. 

Clothing?  That is what Goodwill is for.

Gardens? Umm, think of the savings I will have from not having to buy organic veggies this summer; I’ll just go pick them from my garden.  Yay!

Kitties? Oh. well. there you have me.  You can’t resell them and they do not practically contribute in any way to our household. Except in their fluffy cuteness and their apparent gladness at having a home. I guess there is no monetary justification for my mad passion for rescuing kitties^^

Well, in the end, there is more to life than money but being able to perhaps one day enjoy a kind of ‘retirement’ (wouldn’t it be cool to go teach English somewhere during your senior years? if there are any places left that need English by then. Maybe I better study Chinese harder It’s a good thing I’m fluent in Chinese).  Since we will never be rich, we better be at least frugal so my poor kid(s) don’t actually have to support me in my senility.  And even if we don’t get to ‘retire’, at least we might have enough money to pay for the nursing home. On the beach.


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