Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

We went to the Chinese church today and sat with my laoshi.  Even tho I didn’t need it, of course, there was a simultaneous translator for English as well as Cantonese speakers. So we used the headsets to listen to the person I assume was the pastor’s wife give a very long discussion about Mary. She got so excited about 1/3 of the way thru that the first translator had to stop and find someone else to take over. The second translator seemed to have an easier time of it.  Everyone was very friendly and it was an interesting experience.

At least one of the eggs hatched in the Boston fern on our porch. I know this because somehow the poor little birdie fell out of the nest and lay gasping for air on our side porch. We put it back in the nest but I wonder if it could survive such a fall.  The momma bird came back and chirped anxiously at it.  I was very sad and cried, as usual.  She is still sitting in the nest so at least she will be with it while it ends its short little life.

Our offpsring will hopefully fair a bit better and hopefully not be born on the side porch. It turns out that West3 is a man-child which ensures that my husband will not put me aside any time soon since I have provided him with a male heir. Whew. 

The peonies are in full bloom and I am thankful for that. I was afraid we would miss them since we are leaving next Saturday but I will have a week to enjoy them anyway.  Their fragrance is luscious. They are my favorite flower.


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