At Least He Won’t Starve

Ollie got another bird this morning. I don’t know how he manages it. Fortunately or unfortunately, said birdie was still alive when I noticed and went out to give it a Christian burial.  Not being one to be able to wring avian necks except, of course, if I were starving, I took the shovel and moved poor, unhappy birdie to the shade near the shed. When i just went back over to look for it, I couldn’t find it, so maybe Ollie just stunned him. We can always hope.  Ollie was again quite pleased with himself and couldn’t understand why I took his toy away.

At least if he ever runs away, he will be able to sustain himself.

I went to retrieve the aforementioned bird-killer on Friday from my mom’s house where she had been cat-sitting him (even tho my mom and stepdad are coming down on Wednesday to help us install a new sidewalk…I love my little golden Ollie kitty!). I was also motivated by the garage sales going on in my mom’s neighborhood and was able to score a few baby items for West-son. Mom picked up a motorized swing and a car seat (but it is kind of old so I don’t know whether to use it or not…I’ll need to do some research on it) and some onesies and I got a bouncy chair and some clothes.  I hung them on little hangers in the guest room/music room/craft room/nursery in the closet and they looked very cute and I felt a twinge of anticipation, very slight, mind you, but nonetheless a definite twinge.

Youngster has been more active recently, probably in reaction to all the FOOD I ate whilst on vacation.

the ankle that I broke has been slightly swollen since we came back from vacation. I am going to the doctor again today and will ask about it. It could be the weight gain and it could also be reaction to the humidity and the after-effects of air/car travel.  The foot has tended to bruise on top this whole time since I broke it so it is not that extraordinary but it won’t hurt to ask.


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  1. The Mom
    Jun 05, 2007 @ 13:34:48

    Ollie had lots of practice at my house with that bird/feather thingie you bought him. He’s an astute student!


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