The file I’m working on now

I’m working on a file now by a Korea man who signed up at 15 to fight in the Korean war.  This is one of the passages from his memoirs, talking about the retreat of ROK and UN forces from the North Korea northern borders after China entered the war. Many people from the North fled southward with those forces. Here is a picture of it:

When the 1st division reached the sands of the Daedong River, the western skies were lit up with the glow of the setting sun. Hundreds of thousands people were crowded along the wide sands. There were so many people that there was no room left to take even a single step.Many of the children were orphaned in a brief instant, suddenly losing their family’s hands or their place in line in the surge of the cloudy crowd. The tearful, sorrow-laden voices that desperately called children’s or parents’ names through the miserable struggle still rankle within me. It was pandemonium, a living hell or Babel. It had to be seen to be believed.

Poor Korea.


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