Speaking of sickies

Spent my morning at the dr’s office and what a thrill that was.  Went in at 830 and had blood drawn for a fasting baseline sample and then drank their super-sugary-flat-soda-like drink which was 100 mg of glucose. Then I had my blood drawn every hour for 3 hours after that.  The waiting wasn’t as tedious as I anticipated given that I only had to be around when they wanted to poke a needle in my arm and the rest of the time I could pretty much do whatever. I had taken a big bag o’ Things To Do in the Dr’s Office Waiting Room but I didn’t end up needing all that much since I took a walk every hour around the parking lot of the nearby shopping complex and finally ended up getting some groceries during the last hour.

I do have to say that you see some interesting things in the waiting room at the dr’s office when you are there for 3.5 hours.  Some woman collapsed and they called the EMTs to come take her away.  There wasn’t much rushing so I think the ambulance was of the CYA type.  Then there was the 300 lb older woman who couldn’t walk but sat propped up on this 4-wheeled cart thing (query: was she too big for a wheelchair?) and her not-insubstantial son had to push her on it and seemed to have trouble doing so. She was there for diabetes. Imagine that.  Then the other 200 lb woman who had the gallon-size ziploc baggie full of medicine bottles with her.  And the other, younger but equally overweight woman who was there for her high blood pressure and/or diabetes. Imagine that.  There was also the woman with the newborn baby who was in the waiting room for quite awhile. I first sighted her out near the parking lot as her newborn was in the carrier on the ground while Mom was smoking her cigarette right next to him. I guess at least she was outside? Right?

After all the bloodwork, I headed over to the mall to do a baby registry thing as all good first-time mom-consumers must do. Decided to grab lunch first tho since I hadn’t eaten since 1030 the night before. After I put my order in for my gyro I got to thinking that, hm, they must have turned the air conditioning down because I was starting to sweat. Or maybe it was just hot in the food court area as opposed to the overly-chilled rest of the mall.  But then I noticed that my hands were shaking, too, so I surmised that probably if I didn’t soon get some food I would be doing an oh-so-inelegant and equally embarrassing nose-dive into the flooring of said food court. Fortunately, the food did arrive and I did not pass out. I do not think I have ever been so hungry as to come close to passing out before.  And I didn’t really feel hungry, you know, hungry in my tummy-tum-tum.

All’s well that ends well and I went around pointing the scanner at a bunch of stuff at the Giganto Baby Store. 

I’ll find out the results of the test next week at least by Friday. I’m less freaked out about it now; what else, after all, can I do? I either have or I don’t and if I do I’ll just deal with it. 


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