Feelin’ crafty?

So I found this website and am seriously considering doing this because even though I am going to practice Elimination Communication, my other housemate has an issue with having to clean up tinkles and poos from the carpet (what? we already clean up hairballs….and I mean really liquidy ones….what’s a little tinkle while we’re at it?) and I will be using diapers as back-up to prevent any said t’s and p’s. (yes, I know they are random apostrophes but i didn’t want you to think I was saying p.s. or something….).

Here is the metamorphosis of my thinking on diapers (which is, I am sure, EXACTLY what you were burning to know!)

1. Going to use cloth diapers.
2. Going to use cloth diapers that are fitted with nice elastic legs and velcro attachments
3. Going to use all-in-ones
4. $$$$ ???
5. Going to use pre-fold/flat fold cloth diapers with diaper covers
6. Going to MAKE my own diapers to use with diaper covers.

Hey, Troy’s got a lot of t-shirts. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if I borrowed a few. Heh, heh. Just kidding. He really WOULD mind.  So I won’t.

Probably I won’t make very many but it would do my frugal recyclin’ soul good to actually make a few. My friend Sharon said she’s going to use up some of her old fabric (to make way for her to buy some new fabric) and make me some.  And let me just say that I LOVE THAT and THANK YOU SHARON!  Because I am all about second-hand anything even as a gift (altho I would probably not ever GIVE  you a second hand gift; i would just make you something crappy and you’ll be like, oh, wow, uh, thanks.  just so you know.)

So if I have some time in Septemeber, you’ll be finding me at the sewing machine frantically sewing diapers out of old t-shirts and sheets.  sweet.

 oh and one final thing. i’ve been hearing a lot about how ultrasounds can be wrong about gender even of boy babies (I mean, mistake the umbilical cord for the little you-know-what) and now I’m all kind of freaked out beause what if it does turn out to be a girl?  We won’t have a name!  We’ll have to exchange all the clothes!  But I’m resisting the urge to post a pic of the tell-tale ultrasound because, well, you know, that’s really not cool and I can just hear the man-child saying ‘mom, for real. i can’t believe you did that!’


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