More dreams

of course, usually i post my dreams on my ‘dreams’ page but i haven’t really been keeping up with that lately.  i usually do remember snippets of my dreams but not always enough to make coherent sense.

last night i dreamt that one of the women from my childbirth class was staying over at my house.  she is due any day now.  for some reason, we had to sleep sitting on the chairs in the kitchen. and then i decided that she should just sleep on the couch in the living room while i slept on the sofa bed in the office. i have no idea why.

before i woke up i had a disturbing dream in which i had had the baby but couldn’t get to him. i was riding the elevator up and down and up and down all the floors at this hospital which was more like an Asian department store (you know, myriad floors and something different at each stop, complete with an amusement park) and people kept telling me the wrong floor. i was getting quite desperate and angry at the end to see the baby so i decided it was better to wake up.

feel drugged this morning…maybe to much painting? i painted the lower half of the laundry room as well as the front door yesterday. i was going to finish painting the shed today….maybe i’ll do that after a nice nap!  Oh, the perils of having a few days off…i get tired and don’t want to do the chores i set up for myself 😦


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  1. nikkip
    Jul 25, 2007 @ 09:10:02

    picture of front door?


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